Pirate Escape

Whitley Bay

Live Escape Room Game

Pirate Escape is a live escape room game and Virtual Reality venue based in Whitley Bay, just 10 miles from Newcastle. A live escape room game, also known as an exit room game, is a real-life themed room which players are locked in and have 60 minutes to escape. To do this within the time limit your team must work together and use their intuition, teamwork skills and intelligence to find and solve hidden puzzles.
Also this month sees the unveiling of our brand new Virtual Reality experience. This is the very first in the whole of the North East. So come along and be among the first to see, hear and experience worlds beyond imagination.

Pirate Escape is a family run business. After playing a live escape game ourselves we loved the game; but thought we could take it to a whole new level so it was fully immersive and above all, great fun. As the whole family have grown up by the sea, we thought what better than a pirate themed game? So we pooled our ideas and creativity to design and build the rooms and games to give players the best possible experience of a live escape room game. We hope everyone that comes to our game enjoys the experience as much as we do running it. We have made our game available to all ages so whether you come with friends, colleagues or family you will be guaranteed a warm welcome from one of our crew.

Escape with Friends

Are you looking for something new to do with your friends? Work together to beat the clock in a live escape or transport yourself to another world in the brand new Virtual Reality room. Either way pirate escape makes the perfect trip out to try something out of the ordinary.

Escape with Family

Do you want something different to the cinema? Sitting in silence watching a film is a thing of the past! We've taken the expression, 'family games night' to a whole new level. It’s suitable for the whole family from grandparents to teenagers and kids. The whole family can work together to solve puzzles and escape with the treasure! or why not come and experience our new Virtual Reality room and play some of the most fun and up to date games available.

Escape with Colleagues

Bored of the usual corporate events or meals out? This is a fun and exciting challenge and the ultimate test of communication, team work and problem solving skills. Ideal for team building or just a social night out.