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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a live escape game experience for 2-6 people. The aim of the game is to escape the room with the treasure within 60 minutes by solving a series of puzzles using a variety of different methods including deciphering information, uncovering required items and problem solving.

What should we wear when playing?

A lot of our players come dressed as pirates but feel free to come dressed how you like.

Why Pirate Escape?

Pirate Escape is a truly unique and fully immersive experience that requires you to work as a team with your group to escape. It is ideal for friends, family and colleagues.

How long will it take?

The game is a maximum of 60 minutes but if your team work well they may escape sooner. Although you are against the clock.

What happens if I am running late?

If you're running late then please phone us as soon as possible on 0191 4358428 and we will try our best to fit you in. However due to the nature of the game, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late we may be unable to accommodate your booking.

Can I bring the family

Yes! the game is ideal for families, especially if you want to experience something different to your normal evening or weekend. This is a perfect opportunity to get the family together and work as a team.

What is the minimum/maximum team size for each game room?

Ideally teams of 2 to 6 people. If your group is larger than the game maximum, we recomend booking more than one room, you can even play multiple games head to head and race for the best time.

Is there an age restriction?

We have no upper limit however the games are designed for adults so children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The games work well for younger children when playing as part of a group with adults or older children however we would not suggest bringing a group of children under 12 as the puzzles are challenging and it is unlikely they will be able to complete the game.

I am claustrophobic, can I play?

We always leave the entry doors unlocked for fire risk purposes and the rooms are quite large, the smallest being the size of an average bedroom.

Can I cancel my booking or reschedule a new session?

Once booked we can’t offer a refund, however if you contact us 48 hours prior to your time slot we are happy to reschedule the game for another date.

What if I want to bring extra people to the game?

We have a maximum number of people per game, unfortunatly due to the nature of this game this is the maximum number of people we can accomodate per session.

Do young children count as part of your players?

You can bring up to two additional children per game under the age of 5 for no extra charge. Any child older than 5 would count as one of your players.

What time should I arrive?

You should try to arrive 10 minutes before hand for a short brefing.

Corporate Team Building Events?

We do cater for corporate events please refer to our Corporate Events page. Alternatively contact us on info@pirateescaperooms.co.uk for further information or to discuss your companies requirements, which we will try to accomodate as much as possible.

Can I bring alcohol into the room?

Alcohol is not allowed in the room. If any team member is under the influence of alcohol they may be asked to leave.

Is it possible to access the rooms using a wheelchair?

Unfortunatly the premises are on the first floor and only accesible via stairs therefore it is not possible to access the rooms using a wheelchair.

Can I take photos or record videos in the room?

No, we do not allow photos or videos to be taken in any of the game rooms. This is simply so we don’t spoil the puzzles for others. However we will take a group photo and post it on social media for you.

Gift vouchers?

We offer gift vouchers that are valid for up to six people. Please see our voucher page.
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