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Pirate Escape's Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality is here
Pirate Escape is proud to host the First Virtual Reality experience of its kind the North East.
Be among the first to see, hear and experience worlds beyond imagination.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is an amazing new gaming experience that is a real must try for everyone. If you have not seen the videos on YouTube and social media already, virtual reality or VR, is an experience like no other where the virtual world feels real. In this unique experience you are instantly immersed in the experience though a headset that gives you 360 degree 3D vision. This high resolution visual experience combined with the ability to walk around and interact with your virtual world gives you an incredibly realistic experience which has to be seen to be believed.

What does a session include?

Each player will have their own turn in being immersed in their virtual world, whilst everyone can watch on a High definition display.

The booking is a one hour experience and is for 1 to 4 players. The experience will include a quick tutorial for all players. Then each player will have an opportunity to play a selection of the latest Virtual Reality Games, from underwater exploration to shooting zombies and creative play with games such as Job Simulator. Sessions can be tailored to suit everyone’s interests.

The equipment and the games

The HTC VIVE is cutting edge technology with a 110° field of view, 32 sensors for precise tracking and a totally immersive experience. The ultra-high resolution delivers graphics that are life like and allows you to walk around your virtual world.

We try every new game so we can select the best games for our players, Our current selection includes: Audioshield, Lightblade VR, The Lab, Job Simulator, Fun House and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes but we are constantly adding more.

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